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01. Overall

Vogue VT375 White Eco-Plate

01. Overall

  • Vogue Exclusive Design
  • Multiple Finishes
  • Designed Specifically For Your Vehicle Fitment
  • Lifetime Structural Warranty

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Other Finishes:

Vogue VT375 Gloss Black
Gloss Black

02. Safety

  • Tinneman Clip Relief Allows for safety concerning fitment to the mouting pad as well as ease of installation.
  • Compression Step Pad Allows for tension between mounting surface and lugs, ensuring a secure installation.
  • Vehicle Specific Load Capacities. Vogue designs and engineers our wheels to meet or exceed the original equipment load requirements of your vehicle.
  • Pressure Sensor Acceptance. Vogue custom wheels have been manufactured to accept original equipment pressure sensors.

03. Fitment

  • Hubcentric Design allows for centering of the wheel on the hub for a smooth ride.
  • Direct Bolt (One Bolt Pattern). Each vehicle model has a specific bolt circle. Vogue wheels are carefully built to match you exact bolt design
  • Offset. Vogue Wheels are manufactured to match the original manufacture's offset.

04. Durability

  • Lifetime Structural Warranty
  • Vogue Exclusive Finish Warranty - Vogue has one of the longest finish warranties in the industry. See your exclusive Vogue dealer for details for your vehicle.
  • Offset. Vogue Wheels are manufactured to match the original manufacture's offset.

05. Eco-Plate Finish

  • Eco-Plate is a chrome-like powder-coat that offers the same shiny appearance as chrome, without the common downsides. On average, PVD coated wheels are up to 2-3 lbs lighter than their chrome counterparts.
  • Eco-Plate is made with environmentally-friendly products, while chrome uses incredibly toxic chemicals, such as hexavalent chromium
  • Longer lasting. Salt used on the roads in the winter causes chrome to crack, peel and pit – while Vogue Eco-Plated wheels resist such negative effects.

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The complete line of Vogue Tyre products are available for purchase and installation at our Vogue Custom Centers conveniently located within new car dealerships (listed here by state). If your area is currently not serviced by a Custom Center, please contact your nearest independent Vogue Tyre dealer.

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01. Technical Details

Size Bolt Pattern Center Bore Offset SKU
19 x 8.5 5x120 66.90mm +39mm 63759013XW
20 x 8.5 5x120 66.90mm +39mm 63752013XW

Sizes Available

  • 19x8.5 (5x120 / +39mm)
  • 20x8.5 (5x120 / +39mm)