Whitewall Tyres

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Vogue Tyre invented the whitewall tire, an iconic classic since 1914. That is why drivers prefer Vogue whitewall tires over any other brand. Vogue Tyre started as an idea to make chauffeur driven cars more classy, with a unique tire design. It grew to be the world's most distinctive tire.

Over the years, innovation has led our customers to purchase Vogue Tyre products for both Safety and Performance, in addition to our distinctive Style. In the early sixties the Vogue handcrafted Gold Streak and the V.S.S. were highly touted in Rod and Custom magazine as being a preferred choice for street and track use. Also in the sixties, we invented the Whitewall tire with a signature gold stripe. This came to be another iconic design, featured in movies, television shows, and even becoming apart of modern Pop Culture. As it was once said: "they aren't making songs about Michelin tires."

See our latest innovative designs in Whitewall tires, such as our new Classic White, and our modern Whitewall with Gold Stripe tires in the Custom Built Radial series below. We have sizes ranging from 15-inch for passenger cars, to 24-inches for SUV's and Light Trucks. If you're going to buy whitewall tires, stay true and original. Stay Vogue. For pricing and availablity, or to get your tires installed, please locate a retailer near you.