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Are you the same “Vogues” from the Macklemore song White Walls?

Yes, we are; even Macklemore loves his Vogue Tyre white walls 'round them hundred spokes. Small piece of triva: part of the music video for that song was filmed in our California location warehouse.

Where do I get warranty information?

Please visit our Products page to download warranty information at the bottom of the page.

Where do I get my Vogue products serviced?

Vogue Tyre products can be serviced at our Custom Centers and independent Vogue Tyre dealers. Please contact your nearest Vogue Tyre dealer with any questions pertaining to Vogue products.

Why don't I see prices listed for products?

In order to offer the best pricing and top customer service, Vogue Tyre products are distributed to our Custom Centers and independent Vogue Tyre dealers. The complete line of Vogue Tyre products are available for purchase and installation at our Vogue Custom Centers conveniently located within new car dealerships. If your area is currently not serviced by a Custom Center, please contact your nearest independent Vogue Tyre dealer.

How do I clean my Vogue Tyres?

We only recommend using Vogue Tyre Ultimate White Whitewall Cleaner. It is the only cleaner approved for use on your Vogue Tyres as other cleaners will destroy the Whitewall and Gold Stripe, or Gold V. It can be purchased online at our Amazon Store or our Ebay Store. Watch this video on how to clean your whitewalls:

I need a center cap for my wheel. How do I order that?

The best practice is to take a photo of the whole wheel, not just the center cap, and e-mail that photo to with your name, city, state, zip code and phone number included in the e-mail. We will forward it to our parts warehouse and they will get back to you within 2 business days. This ensures that your wheel is correctly identified so you don't order the wrong center cap.

Otherwise, you can try to identify the wheel yourself by viewing our Discontinued Wheels reference pages. Once you have identified the wheel, call our warehouse at 1.800.323.1466.

What air pressure should I maintain in my Vogue tyres?

We recommend using the tire pressure stated in the owner's manual of the vehicle. This ensures a proper ride and proper handling as designed by the manufacturer. Tire pressure is specific to each vehicle as it depends upon the weight of the vehicle. Set according to the vehicle manufacturer's cold tire pressure(s) recommended on the vehicle's tire placard or in its owner's manual. NEVER exceed the maximum pressure for the vehicle weight listed on the sidewall of the tire.