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I got my new black chrome wheels installed yesterday on my new black 2015 Lexus ES300H and I couldn't be happier. The quality is superior to others I have looked at and the finish is just fantastic. It makes my new Lexus' appearance different from others. The warranty is great. Great job Vogue!
Steve M.
Evansville, IN

Wilson R.I recently had a new set of Vogue Signature Series V Black SCT 285/45R22 tires installed on my new 2014 Ford F150 Limited to replace the OEM Pirelli tires that came on my truck so I began shopping around for 22" tires that would fit my new truck. I am very pleased with the ride and handling performance so far. Thank you for a great product.
Wilson R.
Hugo, OK

I have a 2015 Toyota Camry it came with Bridgestone Turanza as soon as I put the Vogue tires on I felt the difference. The ride is smoother, and the quietness. I took a road trip to Yuma the weekend after I bought the car still with the Bridgestone tires and the ride was bad, I could feel every bump on the road plus they make a lot of noise. I was not happy with the tires at all since day one. Then I got the Vogue tires, went again to Yuma for the weekend and the ride was so much better: smooth, and the noise was better. So, overall I am very happy with the Vogue tires, and plus they look way better - give my car a new look!
Jose G.
Phoenix, AZ

I just purchased these for my 2010 VW CC, I love these tires. They are quiet, which is a big requirement for me! They also provide a very good, smooth ride. They are the best set of tires that I have had in years. The price could not have been better. I purchased them through Discount Tire Direct, they were very helpful, I also contacted Vogue Tyre to discuss the tires and found the to be helpful also. I would buy these tires again. I will be interested to see how they wear. they will only be used during the summer months, so hopefully I will be able to get at least three years of service from them.
Douglas P.
Marcy, NY

I have owned two sets of Vogue Tires: 205 70 15 and the 215 70 15, and I will never put a different type of tire on my Cadillac again. Loyal Vogue customer since 2009. I love the quality and the comfort Vogue tires give.
Jahmal R.
la mesa , CA

I have Custom Radial VIII on my Pontiac Solstice. I bought them for their looks and what they did for the look of my toy. I was extremely happy with the quiet and the way they stuck to the road on quick corners. I've had lots of comments on their appearance since nobody in Canada that I'm aware of sells them. If these people did the amount of traveling in the U.S. that I do, I'm sure they would have seen them on upscale models. I love them and would recommend them to anyone who wants to make a REAL difference in their ride.
Darcy R.
St. Thomas, ON

Best looking, best riding tire I've ever purchased!
Tony G.
Indianapolis, IN

I have the gold and white tires on my Platinum S-Type Jaguar. They ride very well. I have had no problems. They are stunning on my car; they stand out. I wouldn't trade them for any other tire.
Denise F.
Inkster, MI

I purchased my Vogue Tyres from Discount Tire in November. I really wasn't sure if they were good in the snow, but at the moment there is 4 feet of ice and snow on the road and these tires are awesome in it on my 2012 buick LaCrosse. I recommended these tires to anyone who does not want to spend money on snow tires ever year, just wants a good set of All-Season tires. I LOVE these tires!
Hans F.
Remsen, NY

Ed M.I have been running Vogue Tyres on GMC Denali's and Cadillac Escalades since 2002. I like the look. It makes the 22 inch wheels look larger. I am most impressed with the ride - it is very smooth and vibration free. I like that I can keep them "snow white" Vogue has great Whitewall Cleaner.
Ed M.
Medford, OR

I drive a late model Lexus IS250 which I bought as a luxury sport sedan, not a race car. That said, the tires on the car were noisy and stiff although they did corner well. My preference was more bias toward Noise/Vibration/Harshness control so I did my researsh and decided to try the Vogue Signiture V.

I have 500 miles on them and am glad to have made the switch! The price was great of course and I would have paid more if necessary. The tires seem to be progressive when being pushed but safe at all times. Not too bad for an all-season. And they hit the mark for the NVH criteria. Let's see how they stand up but for now I am a happy camper!

Larry A.
La Habra, CA

I replaced the previous Vogue Tyres with the newer Signature V series. What a difference in the ride it has made! I feel like I am riding on butter now and the mileage rating is now 60,000 instead of 40,000. It is a huge improvement! If I ever need new tires I know what I will get again!
Scott W.
Carrollton, TX

I have been purchasing Vogue Tyres since 2002. Vogue Tyres gives you a classy elegant look. The ride is quiet, smooth and handles the road in all types of weather. Vogue Tyres has tremendously enhanced the look of my vehicles providing endless compliments. The yellow and gold tires brings out the white diamond paint on my Escalade, not to mentioned how it have heads turning on my crystal jewel red Buick Lacrosse. I would definitely recommend purchasing Vogue Tyres if you are looking for a all in one tire because with Vogue Tyres you get style, comfort and they are affordable.


I purchased a set of Signature V's at the Vogue Custom Center at Bud Davis Cadillac, and I love the way they look on my CTS! I was worried about switching from Michelin, but after driving on them I know I made the right choice.
Willie T.
Tunica, MS

This is my 5th Cadillac and they have all worn Vogue Tyres. I enjoy the ride, and of course the compliments received by strangers wherever I go. I always deal with Mr. Kenny Burger at Capitol Cadillac in Maryland, he has helped me with many Vogue products over the years.
Ruby R.
Bowie, MD

I Purchased my Vogue Signature V Tyres based on the recommendation from Kenny Burger, Vogue Tyre Manager at Capitol Cadillac. Not having great knowledge of tire types, construction, and warranties, I was a bit lost. Kenny provided great information, and helped me make my decision to purchase Vogue Tyres because of their superior build quality and quiet ride. Thank you, Kenny, for the great customer service I received. I highly recommend Vogue Tyres and Capitol Cadillac.
Mike E.
Chester, MD

I have owned and raced 5 different Infiniti's, having worked for them for 12 years. Having gone through multiple types of tires searching for longevity and ride comfort, I tried all major brands: Michelin, Hankook, Dunlop, Goodyear, Bridgestone. Not happy with those brands, I came upon these yellow V tires with our Vogue Customer Center Rep here at Crest Infiniti, Barry. He insisted I try them. So I stepped out of my usual brand box, and put them on. I have averaged less than 18,000 miles on every other brand tire I've owned, and worn them out far short of their claimed potential. But I now have 28,512 miles on the Signature V's so far and they're still running hard and quiet. I must say, I'm impressed, and I now allow our service advisors here at Crest Infiniti to recommend them to any client looking for the best tires.
James S.
Plano, TX

Mr. Berger at Capitol Cadillac in Greenbelt recommended that I should put the all-season Signature V's on my 2009 Honda Accord and I am glad I did. These are the best all-season tires, and at a great price!
Dennis E.
Laurel, MD

I had the best service I have ever experienced when I worked with Gene Togstad at Bud Davis Cadillac in Memphis. He helped me purchase a set of Vogue Signature V's, explaining how durable this all-season tire is. Thank you very much.
Janice M.
Memphis, TN

Dusty at Cavender Cadillac made my ATS stand out with some black chrome wheels and Vogue Tyres. The look of the car has been enhanced tremendously, and I am getting endless compliments on the wheels! Dusty was fantastic to work with, and took care of everything for me. I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant experience. Thanks Vogue Tyre and Dusty!
Michael S.
San Antonio, TX


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