Why Buy Vogue Signature V?

The Signature V was designed for drivers who demand comfort, quietness and all-season performance handling while sporting attractive style. The Signature V Tyre has a 60,000 mile limited warranty that offers exceptional security and value. The Signature V's state-of-the-art engineering delivers superior ride comfort and responsive handling while reducing noise.

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Vogue Precision Engineering

  1. Assymetric All-Season Tread Pattern provides competent traction, handling and a quiet ride in all conditions.
  2. Polyester Body Ply Construction.
  3. Two Steel Belts for Safety.
  4. Nylon Overlay Construction for Integrity at Higher Speeds.
  5. Polyester Sidewall Plies for Structural Integrity and Control while Cornering.


  • Touring Tyre ride and performance handling
  • Gold Signature V® sidewall design for unique look to set your vehicle apart
  • Aggressive All-Season Asymmetrical Tread for both dry and inclement weather
  • VogueTech Whisper Tuning for a quiet ride
  • V-Speed Rated for High Performance
  • Vogue Signature V Exclusive 5-Year / 60,000 Mile Warranty

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